Sunday Prayer Time

Sunday Evening Prayer Time

28th February 2021


North Taw Mission Community is taking part in a local and national wave of prayer. Please join with us either individually or as a household or bubble at some time between 6.30 and 7.00pm. If you would like to take part in the Mission Community Zoom prayer meeting this evening at 6:30, please email Rev’d Caroline for joining details.

In addition, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have encouraged all in the nation to participate in a period of reflection on the current situation concerning the pandemic. They suggest we take time to pray at 6.00pm each day from 1st February.

The following are some suggestions for prayer for this evening and through the week to come

Spend some time thanking God for:

  • The good things that have happened this week
  • The beauty of his creation
  • The technology that has enabled us to stay connected with our loved ones over the past year
  • For the Covid 19 vaccine and its successful roll out in the UK
  • For the Government’s commitment to providing vaccines to the under developed world

The world

  • Pray for people across Africa especially in those countries where the leaders deny the existence or severity of Covid 19
  • Especially the people of Tanzania whose presidents denies the existence of Covid and is withholding the vaccine from the people
  • For the people of Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo who are now fighting against Ebola as well as Covid


  • Pray for teachers and Head teachers as they make preparations to fully open their schools
  • For the Government as they make plans for children to “catch up” – that they will give equal consideration to the welfare and mental health of teachers who will again be asked to do yet more
  • That testing programmes in schools will run smoothly and not place too great a burden on teachers and other staff

Health Service

  • Give thanks for the continuing dedication and courage of all those working on the various frontlines of the NHS
  • Pray for strength as they continue to care for those who are the most sick, and those who are dying
  • For all who have been bereaved
  • For all living with the long term effects of Covid


  • Pray for clergy around the country who care for the bereaved, and for Funeral Directors
  • Pray for clergy maintaining the pastoral care of their churches in difficult circumstances
  • Pray for police, fire, ambulance and military personnel as they support us through the pandemic

Download a pdf copy of: Sunday Prayer time.